Sunday, 5 September 2010

Quiet Blog and Trip to Spain

Things have been a little quiet on the blog recently and for that I have to apologise to anyone following. I've been having problems with the autofocus on the 7D, largely it seems, due to changes being needed to the microadjustment. Over the past few weeks, I have made some adjustments in the field and it now seems to be improved. I first noticed it when trying to photograph hobbies, not the easiest of subjects at the best of times. Because the expected "hit rate" for the AF is going to be quite low for such a fast bird, it was a while longer than it should have been before I realised there was a problem. Anyone else with similar AF problems should have a look at the microadjustment if possible and make some tests and adjustments.
I also purchased a 5D MkII, as I was finding that the requirement to keep to f/11 or wider on the 7D was limiting my landscape work too much, even with hyperfocal focusing. I'm happy with the improved dynamic range over the 7D and am finding it useful for macro work too.
In July, I visited my aunty and uncle in Spain. Landscape work wasn't ideal, because we were always out in the harshest light, apart from one day where it was partially overcast, but there were some interesting insect macros, such as an Egyptian locust, a Spanish swallowtail butterfly and a geranium bronze butterfly. It was also an interesting visit to Santa Jose Castle (Castell d'Alcozaiba).

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